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It's a nice interactive story.
The ambience was good, the music too but for the originality well... It's kinda unoriginal at this point.

''All alone, nothing but myself, nightmares that haunt me, finding back my past to understand what happened even though it doesn't really form a story (we abandoned you in space)''
And it bring to another point : it's short. The problem is, you can't really do a long game with this much story.
The end is a classical ''alea jacta est''. Again, NOTHING new there.

The art-style was nice, it fits the ambience.

Last thing, the game wasn't loud enough. Each time an achievement notification would pop, it would surprise me.

Nothing really smashing about this. It's just a simple drawing game... But ponified.
Don't get me wrong, I love my little pony, but you could literally have more possibilities using paint on window 95 than what you can do in this game.

You could add... I know! Transparent lines that you must draw over and you're rated for the precision of your drawing (if you draw too much out of lines, then rarity could find this ugly)

There could be already drawn picture but you must colours them without going over the black lines or, colouring them with the right colours ; for example, you have a Rainbow Dash drawn on the paper and you must choose the right colours and then, rarity get to say her opinion depending of your score.

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A nice ambiance beginning. The wooden percussion make it tribal.
I like the percussion progression too.

02:37, the fusion of the two beats doesn't go very well together. There's a '*clang*' that doesn't really fit in the beat.

In overall, it's a good Drum N Bass song. ^_^

The beginning is sweet, sound like a twilight on a dark and windy plain. Like a sun that doesn't really bring much light.

At 1:22, it brings a platformer game music feeling to it. Quite lovely! :3

1:50 : That small instrument remove the video game feeling to it. Feels more like an exploration game. It brings more atmosphere.

2:17 : Oh! Now it's more space like.

3:16 : Oh! Stars all around. :3

3:43 : Aaaand we're back to the platformer music part. Meh, to be honest, it's a bit too brutal for me. It seems too loud and too much contrasted to be here.

4:59 : I'm really not feeling the lead here. I dunno. It's too... Hum... Concrete?

5:06 : With all those transitions, I'm beginning to think that there's more samples than anything. Is there a bid of MIDI in there? :/

6:30 : I am quite disappointed. there was A LOT of stuff that were too fat and imposing to be fitting.
After 6:30, the calm and peaceful atmosphere come back.

6:55 : It's an interesting sound. I really like those chimes

In overall, I think it's a matter of taste. I didn't really liked it, but I know there's some people who would love that song.

The drums and the guitar could use reverb to fill up the awkward silence. It could also put an acoustic feeling to it. Right now, it sounds pretty artificial.
There could be a solo guitar somewhere.
The song definitively need a bass.

In overall, the music feels a bit empty, but the melody and chord progression are superb.

Side note: the drums could be better, but that's just a matter of equipment. There's some plugins out there that gives good sounding drums. I'm afraid I can't post links here.

I'm a musician composer. You can use my music on games, videos, etc... if you credit me.

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